The COVID-19 Pandemic continues to cause severe disruption across the globe with the United States accounting for the highest number of cases – especially New York being the epicenter of this crisis.ATMA NY/ NJ chapter has created a ‘COVID-19 Tamil task team ‘- Comprised of volunteer physicians from ATMA and non-medical volunteers who have joined hands in fighting this crisis. Within just a week after establishment, our team has accomplished the following. 

  1. Created a comprehensive website with useful resources (please visit,
  2. A dedicated 24 Hrs. helpline number and email service for the general public
  3. Onsite help for the families of COVID-19 patients
  4. Providing advisory help to stranded family members.

As more requests continue to pour in everyday, we are striving to help each and every inquirer that comes to us.
In addition, the team also organizes and runs conference calls along with Q& A sessions that serve as an opportunity for people to overcome their fears about COVID-19 and be armed with facts. ATMA have organized many conference calls till date, from which more than 1000 participants including physicians and health care workers have benefited.
To continue our services in supporting people suffering from the worst pandemic of our lifetime, we created a fundraiser and we request you donate for this noble cause
All funds will be spent towards the below mentioned COVID-19 pandemic related activities.

  1. Provide protecting supplies including mask, gloves and other supplies to volunteers, health care workers, environmental, community workers and families in need.
  2. Help deliver medications, food, groceries and other essential supplies to family members suffering from COVID-19 (on quarantine or Isolation) including the elderly and estranged family members of patients.
  3. Arrange free food for families in need
  4. Provide psychological, emotional, nutritional and advisory support to the children of infected parents who have been hospitalized
  5. Communicate and collaborate with family members in India and help recovering patients rehabilitate and restart their routine life.
  6. Help family members in India to claim the remains of deceased patients and arrange for the deceased patient’s savings to be legally available for the benefit of their family
  7. Provide medical support to students and the elderly who have been stranded here as they cannot travel back to India
  8. Collaborate with the Indian Consulate and other governmental organizations and respond to any other help needed.
  9. Other new needs arising from the community
  10. None of these funds will be utilized for any individual volunteer ‘s salary or compensation unless people are hired to carry out particular responsibilities

We request you to donate generously, even small amount of donation can help the people in the worst health and financial crisis of our lifetime


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