ATMA 2011 Carolinas Convention report- August 11th to 14th, 2011

American Tamil Medical Association’s 7th annual convention was held in City of Medicine, Durham, North Carolina on August 11th to 14th, 2011 at Sheraton Imperial hotel and convention center. It was organized with leadership guidance of ATMA President Dr.Tamilarasi Kannan by the Carolinas convention team.

The convention began on August 11th evening with registration, reception and welcome address by Dr.Valarmathi Sundar, followed by ” தமிழ் தாய் வாழ்த்து” by Mayuri and “குத்து விளக்கு ஏற்றல்” by Dr.Gowdhami Mohan and Mrs.Kalyani Krishnan. Children of Tamil origin entertained the audience with their Tamil talents and musical performances coordinated by Dr.Shobana Senthilnathan. The program was followed by delicious south Indian dinner and socialization.

Registration and Reception: The general Registration was meticulously done by Mr.Kannan Adimoolam and Mr. Arun Chopra. Nila, Sindhu, Rahul and their friends, Dr.Meena Chopra, Mrs.Sangeeta Venkatraman Mr.Seshadri Sadagopan helped at the registration desk.socialization.

Educational program: The CME was organized by the CME chair Dr.Sandhya Kumar with Impressive array of speakers chosen by Dr.Tamilarasi Kannan. 8 hrs of CME was provided from 8am to 12.30 pm on August 12th and 13th and the topic was “Innovations in Medicine”. The CME co chairs were Dr.Sasirekha Mukkamala, Dr.Radhika Sadagopan, Dr.Shankar Perumal, Dr.Meena Mohan. The CME reception/registration was coordinated by Dr.Veerappan Sundar, Dr.Sankar Kumar, Mr.Manoj Kumar, Mayuri and Supriya. The attendees were impressed with the topics and knowledge of the speakers. Our sincere thank you to Dr.Vellore Parithivel for arranging the CME through Medical Society of Queens, Newyork.

The ATMA business meeting and general body meeting was conducted from 2pm to 4pm on August 12th and 13th by Dr.Tamilarasi Kannan.

Spousal programs: The spousal program was organized by Dr.Banu Krishnamurthy and Mr.Krishnamurthy. Bus trip was arranged for the spouses, children on August 12th morning to Balaji Temple and NC museum of Arts. After lunch, another bus trip was arranged for everyone to visit Duke Chapel and Duke Gardens. Dr.Ashok Venkatraman and Mrs. Sangeetha Venkatraman guided the bus tour.

On August 13th morning parenting and grand parenting session was conducted by Dr.Banu Krishnamurthy and Dr.Swaminathan for the spouses. The afternoon educational session was done on healthy nutrition followed by Zumba dance workout arranged by Dr.Chandra Kumar. All of them enjoyed the jewellery, sarees exhibit too.

Children, youth programs: Children enjoyed the bus trip on August 12th. On August 13th morning, they enjoyed arts and crafts with Mayuri. In the afternoon, they were engaged by Supriya with Origami. In the night, they were entertained by Zoe the Clown with balloon sculpturing, face painting, music and dance. Children expressed that they are looking forward to the next convention to meet the ATMA friends and to have good time.

Youths volunteered at the registration, visited the temple, college, spent time at the gold Gym and good time with friends.

Meals: Delicious meals, cocktails were coordinated by Mr.Krishnamurthy and Mr.Kannan Adimoolam . Breakfast buffet was arranged at seasons restaurant. Lunch was arranged at Sheraton Imperial. The cocktail and dinner was served from authentic South Indian Tower restaurant.

Souvenir: Memorable souvenir was compiled by Dr.Sankar Kumar and Dr.Chandra Kumar. The souvenir was released by Dr.Baskaran. Awards: Lifetime achievement award recipient was Dr.Balasubramaniam for establishing EMS system in India with US curriculum, presented by Dr.Jaya Gopal, the first and past president of ATMA. The Young Investigator award recipient was Dr.Raja Gopaldas, presented by the ATMA past President Dr.Nedunchezian Sithian. The Public service award recipient was Dr.Muruganathan, presented by the past ATMA governor and great supporter of ATMA, Dr.Geetha Pandian. The Best residents were Dr.Kalapana Manthiram, awarded by the past president Dr.Athi Narayan and Dr.Kumar Ilangovan by the past president Dr.Subbiah.

Thank you to Dr.Arivoli Veerappan for being in the award nomination committee.

Evening programs: General evening program was coordinated by Dr.Veerappan Sundar and the entertainment program was coordinated by Dr.Shobana Senthilnathan and Dr.Sankar Kumar.

On August 11th, the program was presided by Dr.Meena Mohan.

On August 12th, Dr.Radhika Sadagopan presided the program. The welcome address was given by ATMA president Dr.Tamilarasi Kannan, followed by souvenir release, entertainment, award ceremony. The program was followed by dinner.

August 13th , welcome address by the Dr.Tamilarasi Kannan followed by Keynote speaker introduction and address. The keynote speaker was Dr.Mayilvahanan Natarajan, Vice chancellor of MGR University, Tamilnadu. He addressed changing medical curriculum in India according to global standard. Key note address was followed by award ceremony, chairman address by Dr.Arumugam. The ATMA president Dr.Tamilarasi Kannan introduced the 2012 ATMA president, Dr.Palani. Dr.Palani gave the new president message and announced the city Boston, Massachusetts for 2012, 8th annual convention. It was followed by light music by Dheem Tha Na Na troupe and Gala dinner from South Indian restaurant. The vote of thanks was given by Dr.Valarmathi Sundar. The night was concluded with Dance and Music.

Big screen projector and audiovisual arrangements were coordinated by Mr.Kannan Adimoolam.

Charity /Fund raising: It was coordinated by Dr.Veerappan Sundar, Mr.Kannan Adimoolam and Dr.Ashok Venkatraman. Project presentation was done by Dr.Ashok Venkatraman. The fund raising was supported by Mr.Kannan Ramaswamy and his music troupe. $20,000 was raised to support different projects supported by ATMA. The purpose of the convention was fulfilled by generous donors and attendees. In addition to the $20,000 charity funds raised, the convention itself generated about $36,000 in profits that will benefit ATMA and its projects.

The attendees expressed that the convention was very educational, entertaining with good social and cultural programs.

The convention team likes to extend sincere thanks to the attendees, registrants, donors, exhibitors, volunteers and the supporters.