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Projects funded by ATMA: The members can be proud of what ATMA has accomplished in this regard, collecting and distributing more than $820,000 since its inception a mere 10 years ago. ATMA has successfully funded the following projects in the past and continuing to support some of these projects.

1. Gudalur Adhivasi Hospital (GAH) for Sickle Cell Project and Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

2. AIDS Children project – CMC at Vellore

3. PCMC – Pallavaram Children’s Hospital

4. Banyan Project

(Provides treatment and rehabilitation for mentally ill homeless women.)

5. Vavipalayam Village Hospital

6. Katrina Hurricane Relief contribution

7. Healthcare for Homeless in Baltimore

8. Srilanka Tsunami Relief (Hepatitis A Vaccine)

9. Health camps in Namakkal district

10. Suicide prevention group- Texas 11.Carrolton charity clinic benefiting poor people without insurance – Texas

11. Devanakuruchi Health Fair-funded by NY Chapter


(Provides support for domestic abuse victims.)

13. Gandhigram Kasturba Hospital- Antenatal Care Team (ACT)

Gandhigram – Kasturba Hospital (KH) maintains its commitment to the underserved rural population in and around Dindigul district. KH conducts around 4800 deliveries and 7200 family planning surgeries each year. The aim of ACT project is to increase awareness and knowledge of normal course of pregnancy and antenatal issues through education and seminars during the course of the pregnancy. Gandhigram- ACT project is a necessity at Kasturba Hospital not only to provide education to the mothers and the safe delivery of the child but goes a step further to respect and improve the care given to pregnant mothers.

14. Train the Trainers : simulation training in the medical, nursing curriculum.

15. Nutritional promotional activities with the special reference to anemia correction among adolescent girls for future mothers of Dindigul.

16. Annai Ashram –Pengal nala . Sangam at Trichy-supporting orphaned girls.

17. Anandha Illam: quality care of children and families affected by HIV/AIDS

18. AIDS CMC project: nutritional / educational support to HIV-infected children

19. EKAM project: this project improves maternal and child health for needy patients

20. ATMA ICU Gudalur Adivasi hospital_serves the local indigenous population

21. Fight for Sight: for charity cataract operations

22. MammoBus: interestingly in collaboration with the Rotary club for free mammogram

23. Neonatal ICUat Dharmapuri: for phototherapy machine24.Sittilingi project: surgical suites/operation theaters

24. Sittilingi project: surgical suites/operation theaters

25. Shelter Medical clinic at Charlotte, North Carolina