In January, 2005, a group of ten Tamil physicians in the United States established the American Tamil Medical Association (ATMA). Now there are more than 800 physicians and allied healthcare professionals as members and the membership is growing. It is a 501(c) 3, IRS tax exempt, charitable organization.

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  • ATMA is as an organization to promote charitable work through their foundation (ATMA-CF) nationally and internationally
  • ATMA will support its members who are in various academic medical centers, teaching hospitals, and community hospitals; in their careers, clinical practices and research. They foster teaching/mentoring of medical students and residents of Tamil origin
  • ATMA is committed to forging collaborative alliances with other organizations in efforts that support our mission


  • To bring together all American Tamil physicians and allied healthcare professionals
  • Provide a forum for ATMA members to enrich their cultural, social, and educational values
  • Help the members through Continuing Medical Education (CME) to maintain their high level of medical knowledge
  • Provide our expertise and altruistic help to the needy in the USA and abroad during peaceful and disaster times through its charitable foundation


ATMA’s activities can be summarized into three main categories.

  • Healthcare related Charitable Activity: Assist Tamil Nadu based charitable organizations engaged in healthcare related charitable work and support their efforts by donations of money and professionals time. Provide relief during national and international disasters, quickly. Provide expert medical care to aid the uninsured and visiting Tamils and organize health camps for screening and prevention. Facilitate establishment of charitable hospitals, clinics and programs to improve healthcare and healthcare education of the underprivileged. Improve public health infra structure in Tamil Nadu in cooperation with NGOs and GOs.
  • Continuing Medical Education in the US and Tamil Nadu. Conduct CME conference during the annual convention that addresses the needs of our members. Conduct Indo-American CME meeting in Tamil Nadu that promotes exchange of knowledge leading to improved healthcare. Facilitate exchange of faculty and graduate medical students between the US and Tamil nadu.
  • Conduct Annual Conventions to foster professional, social and cultural values and promote charitable activity.