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American Tamil Medical Association (ATMA – meaning soul” in Tamil Language) is a nonprofit charitable U.S. based national organization formed by physicians and other medical professionals in the U.S., of Tamil origin (inclusive of non Tamilian descent, who has/had any sort of affiliation with Tamil or Tamilnadu, could have gone to med school there, or worked, doing healthcare related activities etc….) ATMA supports various health related charity projects in Tamilnadu and addresses many natural or man made calamities happening around the world. It joins hands with multiple other such like-minded groups and organizations and deliver health care needs to the needy, the most recent being the Chennai floods.

Every year ATMA conducts a national convention to facilitate its mission and goals, inclusive of charitable fund raiser/auction, CME-continuing medical education, and cultural awareness and promotion.

This year ATMA will be conducting its 12TH 2016 Annual Convention between Sep 2-5th, in the warm hospitable southern state of Georgia at the Atlanta Evergreen Marriott Conference Resort, nested inside the most visited attraction site of Georgia, the Stone Mountain Park. The event is geared towards addressing the needs of physicians, residents, fellows, young aspiring health care professionals, allied health personnel and the general public as well.

I invite all medical, health care professionals (MDs, PhDs, Nurses, Pharmacists, Therapists, Entrepreneurs), supporters, volunteers, and families to become ATMA members, support, sponsor, register for the convention and make the event a grand success. You will be supporting multiple charity projects. Cultural coordinators, sponsors and anyone interested please contact:

Please visit for more details.

Dr. Kalai Chellam Parthiban, ATMA President

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President’s Message

Dr.Kalai chellam Parthiban, MD, President (Biography )


I am humbled and honored by the confidence, support and affection showered by each and everyone of you, nominating & accepting me as ATMA-President this academic year. I would like to thank you all for giving me such an wonderful opportunity.

First of all,I would like to congratulate and appreciate the tireless, awesome work done by the previous team. I would like to congratulate and welcome Dr. Veerappan Sundar as President Elect, Dr. Balu Mani as chairman, Drs. Arivoli & Vasanthakumar as new Board members, Drs. Indran Krishnan (GA), Sandhya Kumar (NC), Gowdhami Mohan ( SC- sec ) Einstein, and Subbulakshmi as new chapter Governors.

As ATMA President, I would like for ATMA to have one functioning site only and close the non functioning one, in order to avoid any confusion. Streamline financials and centralize accounts and continue to maintain transparency. Give an updated new look to the web site and maintain it. Increase membership, and motivate to have active participation by new and old members. Continue to support our current ongoing medical charitable projects, welcoming new ones as well. One other goal is increase our presence in the community, making our existence known, by doing collaborative joint ventures with other local, national and international organizations, with similar goals.

I want to encourage youth and other volunteers to become part of ATMA. Provide guidance to youngsters to achieve their dream of becoming future health care professionals, conducting educational and informative seminars, camps etc. Will continue to conduct CME and annual convention bringing together our members from all over. Also would like to form a ATMA supporter/s team/link, who will help serve our vision, mission and goals. Urge the chapters to do noble health related activities giving back to the community. Also would request all existing chapter governors and members to continue to do the wonderful job, that they have been doing.

It is our personal, moral and professional responsibility to provide support and guidance in the health care area and keep the community healthy. I request each and everyone of you to donate generously to ATMA and help continue to fulfill our vision and mission.

Thank you all once again for support and with all your help, I intend to fulfill my duties to the utmost satisfaction of our ATMA team.


Dr.Kalai chellam Parthiban, MD., President.


Chairman’s Message

Dr. Balu Mani, Chairman


This is the twelfth year of ATMA’s existence. We can all be proud of ATMA’s accomplishments. We provided CME for our members both in the USA and in Tamil Nadu, we raised and distributed charitable funds in the USA and in India of about $700,000.00, and facilitated cultural, social, and educational values of our members; all part of ATMA’s mission in forming the organization. The past leadership is owed our great appreciation. I am confident that the next leadership is well equipped to advance ATMA to greater heights.

The annual convention is the time that affords us the opportunity to connect and sustain our mission. This year, our annual convention is going to be conducted in my home town of Georgia. I write this note with high hopes that this convention will fulfill all of the goals of our ATMA. Thank you for the opportunity to have served ATMA as one of the founders, funders, keeper of bylaws, president and finally the chairman of the board.


Dr.Balu Mani, Chairman.


ATMA is as an organization to promote charitable work through their foundation (ATMA-CF) nationally and internationally.

ATMA is committed to forging collaborative alliances with other organizations in efforts that support our mission.




To bring together all American Tamil physicians and allied healthcare professionals

Provide a forum for ATMA members to enrich their cultural, social, and educational values




ATMA is as an organization to promote charitable work through their foundation (ATMA-CF) nationally and internationally.

ATMA is committed to forging collaborative alliances with other organizations in efforts that support our mission.


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